April 27, 2020

Heart of Chappelle

At Chappelle Gardens Residents Association, one of our core values is Community, which is why we are so excited to introduce the Heart of Chappelle Award. Our Social Committee launched this initiative to celebrate individuals in our neighbourhood and recognize them for their kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness. The Heart of Chappelle will be awarded quarterly to a community member who is nominated by another resident who recognizes good deeds and thoughtful gestures of their neighbours. If you know someone who makes our community a better place to live, please submit a nomination form and tell us your story! Let’s share the great reasons why Chappelle Gardens is such an amazing place to call home.

Here is a recent testimonial we would love to share:

“Sally has been an amazing neighbor who has become a friend and part of the family. She never hesitate a to lend a hand, be there to listen and is so much fun. There are so many stories, so much she has done for our family, I can not pick one. She is friendly and welcoming to everyone, a genuinely nice person. On more then one occasion she has just been there, without being asked, to help out, bring over a meal, watch kids or be a shoulder to cry on. Sally has been the greatest blessing to have as a neighbor, she makes this place home for us.”