What is a Residents Association?

The Chappelle Gardens Residents Association is a not-for-profit company, which is incorporated and professionally operated, managed, and maintained. The Chappelle Gardens Residents Association is responsible for the operations and maintenance of community assets, such as: entry features, amenities, and the Chappelle Gardens Social House and outdoor park amenities for the lasting enjoyment of its membership.

In addition to promoting healthy living and enhanced quality of life, your Social House creates opportunities to meet your neighbours and develop connections. Social, educational, and recreational programming, events, and activities will inspire social engagement and lead to increased community spirit.

There is more to your RA:

  • Professionally managed facilities and amenities for enjoyment by all ages and interests
  • Programming and events with exclusive pricing for residents
  • Employment and volunteer opportunities right in your community create an increased sense of belonging
  • Contributes to pride of ownership for residents
  • Facility rental opportunities for your private events
  • Year round landscaping and maintenance at key locations throughout the community – refer to our Maps and Guidelines page for more details
  • Central contact point for community related questions
  • Enhanced gathering spaces
  • Community interactions to connect with your neighbours

How can I keep up-to-date on the Chappelle Gardens Residents Association?

Staying up to date with everything the Chappelle Gardens Residents Association has to offer allows for our community members to know what future programs, and events are happening at the Social House. There are several ways to stay up to date:

What amenities are at the Chappelle Gardens Residents Association Facility & Park?

Meet and make memories with neighbours at the Social House (what we call out facility building) and amongst all the other fantastic community amenities. Skate, splash, slide and socialize as you enjoy access for you and your friends to countless social and recreational amenities, both outdoor and indoor, catering to all interests and ages. The Chappelle Gardens Social House is the heart of the neighborhood. Our 6600 square foot facility and 5-acre park features a playground, pleasure rink, hockey rink, splash park, various sporting courts, and picnic tables nestled underneath our beautiful pergolas.

Indoor amenities include:

  • Meeting & Multiuse Rooms
  • Skate Change Area
  • Gathering Spaces
  • Day Care Space
  • Hot Beverage Bar
  • Various Board and Card Games
  • Craft Station
  • Ping Pong Table

The 5-acre park includes. 

  • Skating rinks (leisure and hockey)
  • Water Spray Park
  • Playground
  • Enhanced Gathering Spaces including pergola and picnic tables
  • BBQ’s
  • Basketball, pickleball, and ball hockey spaces.
  • Soccer nets
  • Various sporting equipment to borrow and enjoy in the park.

Will I need a Membership Card to access the RA facility and park?

Yes, you will need to bring your membership card with you to gain access to the facility and park. Please visit us in person, or email admin@chappellegardensra.ca to obtain your membership card.  Each member of your family, age 12 & up, (living at your home in Chappelle Gardens) will be eligible to obtain a card. In order to create your card, please be prepared with a piece of photo ID, and one additional item that ties you to the property (such as a land title, or utilities bill) with your name, and the address on it.

Can I have a say in the programs, activities, and events offered at the Chappelle Gardens Residents Association?

There are various ways you, as a community member can be involved in the Social House:

  1. Participate in various programs, and events, and then share your experience with us.
  2. Join our Social Committee: these dedicated community members desire to see our neighbourhood thrive, and participate in various volunteer opportunities throughout the year.
  3. Consider running for the Board of Directors. Board of directors help to educate our community, and are a voice for our community.

How is the Chappelle Gardens Residents Association board of directors established and what is the make-up of the board?

Resident Directors are voted onto the RA Board, by community residents, at the Annual General Meeting. The Board of Directors consists of seven (7) members in good standing of the community and three (3) representatives of Brookfield Residential. The Board meets on a regular basis to: ensure policies are properly set, review the annual operating budget, be the voice of fellow residents for RA-related matters, provide input on the RA, and participate in community events. There is a management agreement in place with Brookfield Residential until the turnover date (when the community is substantially complete); accordingly, Brookfield Residential holds the President, Treasurer, and Secretary position until that time. Brookfield abstains from voting on several occasions, leaving most decisions to the resident directors.

How much are the Chappelle Gardens Residents Association fees and when are they due?

Our Membership Information page is the best source of information to answer this question.

Is the Chappelle Gardens Residents Association a not-for-profit?

Yes, Chappelle Gardens Residents Association is a not-for-profit company, registered under the Alberta Companies Act.

Can I opt out of paying the Chappelle Gardens Residents Association fees?

Membership is attached to an encumbrance registered on the title of each property in Chappelle Gardens. This means that membership is automatic, and will continue.

What is an encumbrance?

An encumbrance is an agreement that secures the payment of money (e.g. a rent charge) and is listed on a property’s Certificate of Title. Another common encumbrance on title is a mortgage.

I have some questions-  how can I reach the Chappelle Gardens Residents Association?

Email us at admin@chappellegardensra.ca or call us at 780-705-1815

The Chappelle Gardens Residents Association team at the Social House are ready to assist you: Visit the Social House anytime between 9am – 9pm daily.