At the CGRA, our commitment is to foster inclusivity and cultivate a strong sense of community. Going beyond mere diversity, our goal is to establish an inviting environment for everyone. We endeavor to construct a space where a sense of belonging and appreciation thrives, cherishing our distinctions as valuable assets. We acknowledge that our collective strength as a team is enhanced by the diversity we embrace. 

At CGRA, all who enter are to be:

Respected for who we are

Encouraged to reach our fullest potential, and given the tools to succeed

Valued for our contributions

Inspired to learn and grow

Empowered to speak the truth

Welcomed for who we are

Below you will find the Diversity and Inclusion calendar. This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it to be used for accommodation requests. We will update this document as needed, and are working together with our community to schedule different events each year using this calendar. We welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have – please contact

Please check out our Calendar below, and we encourage your feedback and ideas!

Diversity and Inclusion Calendar