December 11, 2020

Ice Rinks Now Open

We are happy to announce the opening of our skating surfaces! Please keep these new restrictions in mind when planning your visit to the skating rinks!
-The indoor space of the Social House is closed. We will have two individual washrooms open in our maintenance building with entrance accessible directly from the park.
-The skate change room is closed, however additional seating is available around the rinks.
-Residents will access the outdoor amenities through the exterior gate.
-Members are not permitted any guests, to align with the mandatory restriction of no outdoor social gatherings (as per Order 41-2020).
-There are limits on entrance capacity and we will stop admitting residents when we reach this capacity. All entry will be first come-first serve. Our staff also reserve the right to stop checking people in at any time distancing restrictions start to become a challenge. To inquire about the current entry status, you can call the Social House at (780) 705-1815.
-Everyone entering the park will be asked a series of screening questions before entrance is permitted.
-The age of entry without supervision will be 12 years old.
-When the rinks are open, they will be available for casual use, for example, practicing skills on the hockey rink or skating on the pleasure rink, only between members of the same household. Users are required to maintain 2m of physical distance from those who are not part of their household.
– We will not be lending pucks, sticks or skating trainers, please bring your own.

We hope you enjoy the ice rinks this season. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to